Element 5: Pane Miinwaa / Always Again

Audio Transcript

Pane Miinwaa Always Again.

Five rows of polaroid pictures are fixed to the wall. The top row has 12 evenly-spaced images each with a white border. The second row is slightly off-centre to the left with a group of six photos. The fifth photo in the line is bordered with yellow. To the right of this group there is a gap the size of one photo, and a singular, additional white bordered image. The third and middle row also have twelve Polaroids, with the furthest left being framed with red. The fourth row has seven images off-centre to the left. To the right of this line’s group there is a gap then one image framed with blue, followed by another gap and an additional white framed image. The bottom row has nine photos off centre to the left. To the right of all five rows there is a cluster of four images in the shape of a diamond. Each image is framed by a different colour with the top being white, the image on the right being yellow, bottom is red, and to the left is blue. Written on the bottom of most of the images in pencil are Ojibway words and their English translation. Examples of some of these titles are: aankknad (cloud) and niizh (two). All of the images depict a similar scene, in monotone colour with a woman dressed in white, and/or a large beige building and trees. Each of the images are partially blurred, and although taken from a similar location, vary slightly.