Element 4: Kookum’s Wigwaam / Grandma’s Cabin

Audio Transcript

Kookum’s Wigwaam Grandma’s Cabin. Two steel pieces of siding stand about seven feet tall and four feet wide. They connect to form a shape resembling the corner of a steel building. The outside of the structure is painted a medium green. The inside is grey, and connected by pieces of wood on the top and bottom. Hanging from the top of the left wood is a small, tanned pouch with a beaded, multi-colored diamond stitched in the middle. Hanging from the right is a large, white and grey fur pelt.

In front of these objects is a wooden footstool, standing about one foot tall. It is draped in another, smaller grey-and-white pelt and a light pink blanket. Leaning against the structure is –from left to right– a folded red blanket, a folded teal blanket, and a copper water jug. On top of the teal blanket sits a small wooden basket with a bowl of wild rice and a bowl of corn inside of it.