Element 3: Waabshkiiginan / White Sheets

Audio Transcript

Waabshkiiginan White Sheets. Sitting against a wall, there is one eight foot, partially worn, green bench with four stacks of evenly folded white bed sheets between its legs. Each stack has 2-4 sheets. Centered on top of the bench sits another identical stylized bench, which is seven feet long. Both benches are approximately one foot wide. Sitting on top of the lower bench and between the legs of the upper bench, there are three stacks of sheets folded identical to the ones below. There are two additional stacks resting on the lower bench outside of the legs of the upper bench. Each stack inside and outside the upper bench’s legs has six folded bed sheets. On top of the slightly shorter bench there are five stacks of sheets in close proximity to each other. Each stack has either thirteen of fourteen sheets identically folded to the ones below.