Element 2: Ndinwendaaganag / Relatives

Audio Transcript

Ndinwendaaganag Relatives. This rectangular print stands approximately 8 feet tall, and runs horizontally 20 feet long. It’s mounted to a curved surface which bows out in its center approximately 4 inches. It is split in the middle vertically, with a space of about 2 inches between each of its two sections.

The left of the photo features a woman standing on and grasping a large conifer tree. She is situated about 3 feet up from the tall, grassy landscape that surrounds her. She is draped in a large, white sheet from the chest down, the bottom portion of which has been dirtied. A red rope wraps around her neck and left upper arm, connecting at her left wrist, which clenches the tree.

Behind her are three two-story buildings, whose designs replicate the 20th century architecture of the residential schools that stood before them. They are covered in beige siding. The first stands directly behind the woman and tree, and is largely out of shot. The second is to the right of the photo, situated behind the green landscape. It features 4 windows on the top floor, with 2 smaller windows, a door, and 1 large window on the main story. A patio with a rooftop connects to the left of the main story. The third building stands behind the second, and is largely covered by it.